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Fairy Tale Prince

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I have noticed a curious thing in the boystyle world.

It regards girls who wish to be princes.

But not just any prince. They want to be your prince, or her prince or somebody’s prince. They want to be a prince who finds the princess.

I have become increasingly aware of girls who wish that they had a lolita for whom they could be a prince. Or girls who confess to other lolitas that they would like to be their prince. Or girls who would dress boystyle, if only they had a lolita to link arms with. Many of these girls go on to emphasize that they are not interested in girls sexually.

Is this a curious inversion? Lolita is often portrayed as a style for the self. Lolitas dress to please themselves, even at the expense of potential mates. Yet, if these common sentiments are to be believed, boystyles like kodona, oujisama, and aristocrat are the opposite. They are not worth doing if they are not done with or for another person.

Or is this more symptomatic of the common desire to connect with other lolitas? To be part of a matched set? To be special to another person? Is it more romantic to imagine the perfect pair to be the heterosexual prince/princess couple rather than the sisterly princess/princess one?

Or is it simply because boystyle is commonly seen as less exciting than lolita, and it is less fun to do it without somebody to balance out the boyishness with some serious frillage?  If that were so, why is it girls who have never worn boystyle and/or have never met other lolitas who tend to express these desires?

Lolitas who long for an oujisama at their side are often criticized for treating boys as their accessories. So what are we to say about the girls who wish to be accessories?


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Bloomin’ Love

ATC: Bloomers

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Bloomers are quite likely the most ridiculous article of lolita clothing that there is.

Well, except for cake hats.

But here you are with something halfway between shorts and panties, with a puffy bottom and elasticated waist and little bits of lace flaring out around your thighs. It normally goes unseen by anybody except you, and if it is seen, then it might mean that you forgot to put on your skirt this morning. It’s not sexy, it serves no purpose other than to keep everything inside your giant dome of a skirt well protected, and allowing them to be glimpsed by the uninitiated could potentially lead to embarrassing questions.

I have heard some naysayers even suggest that bloomers are unnecessary.


I love bloomers, in all their ridiculous glory. In winter, they offer extra insulation for those days when no blizzard will keep you from your frills. In summer, they prevent the highly uncomfortable situation of your sweaty thighs sticking together. They offer just the right amount of poof under a skirt without a petticoat. They preserve a lady’s modesty. And they just look really darned cute.

I have nothing deep to say in this post. I just like bloomers.

I declare today to be Bloomer Appreciation Day. Tell your bloomers how much you care.

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